Sertac Karaman

Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics,

Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems,

Institute for Data, Systems and Society,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Compressed Continuous Computation Library

The Compressed Continuous Computation Library, developed by Alex Gorodetsky, is a library for computation with multi-dimensional functions. Specifically, the library implements the function-train-decomposition-based compression and computation described here:


The library can be downloaded from here:

MIT RACECAR Hardware and Software

The RACECAR is an open-source, powerful platform for teaching algorithmic robotics at all levels. We have utilized this platform at MIT in popular hackathons, undergraduate classes, and even for high-school courses. The hardware designs and software that makes up the RACECAR platform is open source, and can be found here:

Matlab Toolbox for Parrot Rolling Spider

We have developed a Matlab/Simulink toolbox for the Parrot Rolling Spider. The toolbox allows designing, simulating, and implementing estimation and control algorithms on the palm-size Parrot Rolling Spider drone. The toolbox is open source, and can be found here:

RRT(*) Library

The RRT(*) library is an implementation of the RRT and RRT* algorithms in C. The library was developed jointly by myself and Emilio Frazzoli. The RRT(*) library was awarded the Willow Garage’s Best Open-source Code Award. The svn repository for the RRT(*) library is here:

SMP Library

I have long been developing a modular and fast sampling-based motion planning library. The current version of the library includes modular C++ code to implement several of the standard sampling-based motion planning algorithms. The library also includes steering procedures for some of the common dynamical systems. The subversion repository for the library is here: