Sertac Karaman

Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics,

Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems,

Institute for Data, Systems and Society,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

BostInno: "Watch MIT's First-Ever Grand Prix of Self-Driving Cars" by Olivia Vanni


"Leave to MIT and Lincoln Laboratory to hold the first-ever grand prix for miniature autonomous cars. The school's Beaver Works Summer Institute, which offers STEM-heavy summer camp activities for rising high school seniors, had participants team up and program their own self-driving, mini race cars. Friday, August 5, the final products were tested on a complex course laid out in the middle of Walker Memorial on the Kendall Square Campus.




Take a look at the videos of the well attended Grand Prix and you'll see there were several cars able to navigate the course with ease (and others that were more autonomously challenged).  Maybe Google can even find a new CTO for its self-driving car project amongst this group of high schoolers."


Read more and watch the videos here: